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-One day, Korra, Mako and Bolin at the air temple island:-
Korra: Hey Bolin, we should go drinking tonight. I heard there was gonna be a dance party downtown!
Bolin: Dance party? Count me in!
Mako: Do I have to go?
Korra: Only if you want
Bolin: Yes, of course you do Mako.
Mako: Urg.
Naga: -licks Mako-
Bolin: See? Even Naga thinks so.
Naga: -wags tail-
Mako: -pets naga-
Mako: Okay girl...I am spoiling you too much
Naga: -whines-
Mako: So where's this party?
Korra: I think it is downtown.
Mako: Urg that smoggy place.
Korra: Apparently everyone our age is gonna be there, and there is this jazz band playing there tonight.
Bolin: Well let's go. We should be able to find it eventually
Korra: Hmm...But I can't really dance well.
Bolin: Don't worry Korra! I've got a few moves I can teach you.
-Tenzin enters-
Tenzin: Korra you better not stay up to late you have practice in the morning
Korra: Master Tenzin, you never let me have fun, If it gets late, I'll just stay over at Mako's and Bolin's place
Tenzin: Fine, you better be back at my house by 9 or else...
Korra: Yay!


-At the City-
Korra: Okay, so...don't you think we should change our clothes at least?
Mako: … How you like it! Whatever. - continues following Bolin- ...Girls and their clothes
Korra: -goes into the nearest shop-

Suddenly, Asami drives up in motorcycle and stops in the other side of the street where the group is

Bolin: Hey Mako, look over there! -Points at Asami- You should go talk to her.
Bolin: -eyebrow waggle-
Korra: -looks at different dresses- Eh, I don't care for dresses but...we ARE dancing...  -picks something randomly and goes into changing rooms-
Mako: No
Asami: -winks at Bolin-
Bolin: -casually smiles back and say to Mako through his teeth- Or am I going to get this one too?
Mako: -Mako twitches- urg fine...I'll see what she's all about -walks towards Asami-
Bolin: -enters the shop where Korra was-
Korra: -comes back outside wearing dress- Okay, I'm finished! Bolin, why don't you get something too? You guys should have some extra money from what we got from winning that last pro-bending match.
Bolin: Alright, Korra. I'll go see. -Walks off and looks around at swanky hats-
Korra: -follows Bolin-
Asami: Hey -hair flip-
Mako: what's your name?
Asami: Asami. And you?
Mako: Mako. Are you a bender?
Asami: No. Are you?
Mako: Yeah. Fire Bender. –Makes a little flame from his finger tip to show it-
Asami: -thinks: why do all of the cute ones have to be benders? Suddenly flips and tries to hit a pressure point to block chi him-
Mako: -dodges- Ugh! What the Hell!
Asami: -tries again to hit a pressure point-
Bolin: Hey Korra, what about this one? -Turns around and flashes a cheesy smile-
Korra: Pfft, if you wanna look like an old man!
Korra: -tosses another fedora to Bolin- Try this one instead
Bolin: Hey, this one looks pretty good!
Mako: - dodges- Woah. Luckily I was on guard or you would have got me there. You work for Amon?
Asami: Yes.
Mako: - firebends at Asami's feet-
Asami: -Does an acrobatic backwards flip to dodge it and runs towards Mako-
Bolin: I'll get this one. I hope Mako hasn't done anything stupid.
Korra: Eh, I doubt that.
Asami: -leaps into the air and jabs Mako in the shoulder making Mako to lose bending on his right arm-
Korra: -walks back outside to see the fight-
Bolin: I knew it!
Korra: Uhm, Mako… We left for like 10 minutes! -Firebends at Asami-
Bolin: I told you, we can't trust him alone Korra.
Asami: Ouch! -Dodges fire-
Bolin: -Begins to earthbend at Asami-
Mako: - watching the chaos unfold while sitting immobile in the floor-
Asami: -dodges Bolin's attack and runs towards Korra and tries to hit her-
Korra: -Korra is trying to bend and dodge Asami's moves but is having a difficult time since her outfit is preventing her from moving freely, finally makes an earth pillar under Asami and launches her away
Asami: -Lands on the ground acrobatically and stands up- Try to catch me...hehe -leaps onto a car-
Bolin: Hey! Get back here! Korra, follow me!  We'll take her motorcycle!
Korra: -grabs Mako and drags him toward Bolin-
Korra: Okay, hold on! This dude's pretty heavy!
Mako: Hey!
Asami: -giggles and jumps from car to car, running away-
Bolin: Wait… Anyone knows how to drive a motorcycle?
Korra: can't be any different from riding a Polar-bear Dog....right?
Mako: You guys are insane, just let her go
Korra: Ugh, fine.
Bolin: -sighs-
Korra: Are you kidding? She just ruined our night.  I hope we aren't late
Mako: Maybe if we run...
Bolin: Or find Naga...
Mako: - picks up Korra bridle style-
Mako: You can't be running in that outfit
Korra: -kicks- Stop! I can walk on my own!
Korra: -starts heating up her hands to burn Mako-
Bolin: Hmm...
Bolin: -looks at the tall buildings around- This way! –Points-
Korra: Can. You. Put. Me. DOWN?!
Mako: - runs with Korra in arms-
Bolin: Hey Korra? Is this the place? -Pointing-
Korra: Bolin, can you tell your stupid brother to PUT ME DOWN?
Korra: -brushed off dress- You're insane.
Korra: -walks away with Bolin-


All 3 enter the party
-Jazz music playing the background-
Mako: wow Korra. You look like a girl today.
Korra: -punches Mako on the arm- S-shut up.
Mako: - laughs, and goes to get drinks-
Una: -walks into party, looks at Bolin, blushes-
Random Drunk Partier: LONG LIF DA ERRBENDERS. YA HEAR ME? *giggles*
BAR MAN: Cactus Juice! Cactus Juice For Everyone!!
Random Drunk Partier: CACTUS JUICE!? *hiccups and takes a swig*
Korra: Cactus Juice? Is that some kind of new Republic City drink?
Bolin: -approaches to Una-
Bolin: Hey there missy, come here often?
Una: Not really. And you? -winks-
Bolin: A few times. -Smiles- Wanna dance?
Una: Sure!
-Both go to the dance floor and start dancing to the slow music-
Korra: -sees Bolin flirting so walks over to Mako-
Random Drunk Partier: -starts singing and giggling-
Mako: - goes to get some drinks, avoids cactus juice and gets mango juice for Korra-  Here Korra
Korra: -glares- I can handle whatever this stuff is! -takes Mango juice anyway-
Random Drunk Partier: -pokes Mako- ARE YOU AN SPARROWKEET?
Mako:-Ignoring the guy and finding a drink for himself while talking to Korra- Don't you dare go near that stuff Korra. You will regret it. - Accidently fills his own with cactus juice-
Korra: Fine, whatever...
Random Drunk Partier: -stabs Mako again with a drink- YOU SURE YOU'RE NOT A SPARROWKEET?
Mako: So...aren't you going to go… dance with people, Korra?
- Slower dancing music starts to play-
Korra: Well, I thought Bolin was gonna show me how to dance, since I don't know Republic City music and stuff too well...
Korra: But I guess he's a bit busy -points toward Una while both Una and Bolin dance at the other side of the bar-
Random Drunk Partier: *pokes Mako* SPARROWKEET!
Mako: Well he's right over there... go ask him. - Turns to the guy who poked him- Do it again and ill cook your face –Firebends a flame in his hand, showing to the drunk guy-
Random Drunk Partier: -gets worried and backs up slowly-
Mako: –Stares back at Korra-
Korra: Forget it, I'll wait.
Mako: okay...- awkward silence - sips juice-
Una: So what's your name?
Bolin: Bolin, and yours?
Una: I'm Una.
Bolin: -accidently steps on her toes-
Una: Ouch! Hey, watch it!
Bolin: Sorry, I'm a little rusty...
Korra: -stares are people dancing and drinks juice as well-
Korra: -sees Bolin mess up- Haha, Mako look! Bolin just stepped on that girls toes.
Mako: - Mako's' breathing becomes heavy, randomly Laughs-
Korra: Uh....are you okay?
Mako: -Stops laughing, stares at Korra- Are YOU fine? - Squints at her-
Korra: I think? -Backs away slightly-
Bolin: -occasionally hears at Mako's laughter and steps on her toes again-
Una: -stops dancing- What's your problem?
Bolin: I don't have a problem, my brother's just being a jerk, I can hear him laughing all the way across the bar. -Disgruntled look-
Mako: You think this. You think that. How about what I think for once. Why does it always have to be about you just  becausEYOUARETHEAVATARDOESNOTMEANYOUGETSPECIALRIGHTSTOEVERYTHINGDAMNIT!
-music sort of stops at Mako's outburst-
Korra: -stares- Uh...what?
Una: -looks over at bar- Is that your brother?
Bolin: -sighs- yeah...
Una: It seems like your brother has drank a bit too much...
Bolin: I'm not surprised. I hope he didn't drink any of that cactus juice again. He has no tolerance for the stuff.
Korra: -sees everyone staring because of sudden music break- Mako, what the hell are you saying now, people are staring!
Mako: Korra...- heavy breathing- -backs Korra into a wall-
Korra: -backs away slightly and hits wall- W-what are you doing?!  -reaches over to a random glass and throws contents at Mako-
-Band puts down their instruments and watch awkwardly-
Una: Should we help her out?
Bolin: Yeah, stay here. -Walks over to Mako, adjusting his hat-
Korra: -sees Bolin walking over- Bolin!! Save me! I have no idea what he's doing!
Mako: - stares at Korra all drenched - (in hushed whisper) Must be nice...being -hic- the avatar. You could never understand me. I grew up with nothing. –Looks at Bolin approaching and storms out of party before Bolin reaches them-
-Band starts playing lighthearted music again-
Bolin: -steps out of Mako's way as he storms out-
Una: -approaches to Bolin- I hope your brother's ok...
Korra: -blinks, staring at Mako going out of the bar- What just happened, Bolin?
Bolin: He didn't drink any cactus juice, did he?
Korra: -grabs Mako's drink- I don't know, did he? -Gives drink to Bolin-
Bolin: -Smells the glass- Yeah, I better go check on him. You can come if you want, but I don't want him to get upset with you again.
Korra: Okay...-sits down at table and just thinks about what happened-
Una: Hey, if you're going, can we at least meet again sometime?
Bolin: Of course we can, babe. I'll be sure to stop by this place again some time. Until then...-kisses on cheek and leaves to find Mako-
Una: -blushes-
Mako: - Kicks a garbage can outside-
Mako: - trips over garbage can and lands on his face- -curses-
Bolin: -Finds Mako outside- Bro, what's the matter with you? You scared Korra half to death!
Mako: Leave me alone -hic-
-Asami suddenly appears from the shadows and hides, watching the scene-
Korra: -still at table- maybe I should go look for them.... -walks outside to the street, trying to look for the brothers-
Bolin: I'm not going to leave you alone. What are you doing drinking cactus juice?
Mako: I DIDNT DRINK CACTUS JUICE! - HIC- I'm...I'm sober.
Bolin: Sure, you are. And you don't like Korra either.
Korra: -Goes out the bar and stops once she hears her name and hides behind bushes-
Asami: -sees Korra hiding nearby and sinks back further-
Mako: ...You wouldn't understand...heh… you… always with so many girls. You don't know what it's like to-hic- find the one. SO DONT TRY AND LECTURE ME ABOUT IT -Hic-
Asami: -whispers to self:-  now I know their weakness, the fire bender loves the avatar
Korra: -confused, ducks down even lower as to make sure she doesn't get caught-
Bolin: You're right Mako. I don't understand. I might get all the girls, sure. But if I'm such a ladies' man, then how come I can never hang on to them?!? -Throws hat into the street-
Mako: -Looks at Bolin confused-
Bolin: You are closer to Korra than I've ever been with any girl...if anything, you don't understand.
Mako: -Looks away and wipes blood off his nose-
Korra: -Korra feels sorta bad about eavesdropping but can't help but listen anyway-
Bolin: Here, let's go find Korra and go home. Tenzin's probably furious already.
Mako: - pukes-
Bolin: Oh man, yeah...let's get you inside. -Pulls Mako's arm over his shoulder and walks him inside, looking for Korra-
Korra: -thinks to herself- Oh ***, they are coming toward me!  -tries to run of inside-
Korra: -Korra is already inside trying to look as nonchalant as possible- H-hey… guys. Back already?
Mako: - avoids eye contact- - randomly passes out, and falls asleep-
Korra: Okay....I guess that means we got to go home now?...
Bolin: Yeah, can you help me carry him?
Korra: *sigh* -walks over and grabs Mako's limp arm-
Suddenly, Asami sneaks up into the bar and tries to attack by surprise the group when suddenly…-
Random partier: Hey, you pretty girl, want some –hic- cactus juice?! –Forces Asami to drink the cactus juice putting the glass bottle on his mouth-
Asami: Leave me! –Takes accidentally a swig. Pushes the guy away and enters in the "Cactus State"- Hehehehe wow! Everything just turns around! –Looks at Mako and says for herself- Come here sweetie! – Sneaks up to Mako and grabs his scarf, the group realizes her action and turns to see her-
Asami: Come and get it, Avatar! BWAHAHA
Korra: -stares at Asami-
Asami: *runs out to the street, dances around*
Bolin: Korra, you take Mako home. -Squints eyes- I'll get his scarf back. -Gives chase-
Korra: Spirits! it's only a damn scarf, Bolin! -loops Mako's arm around her neck trying to carry him and almost trips because of her heels-
Mako: - starts to snore-
Korra: -still trying to drag Mako's limp body- UGH! Why are you so damn heavy?!
Mako: - starts to dream talk- Ko… rra… beau...ti… ful zzzzz -Saying what he really wanted to say to Korra that night-
Korra: -stops short and just looks at Mako, shakes her head and continues dragging Mako- C'mon let's go home –Both go out the bar thought the back door of the bar and leave to Bolin and Mako's apartment-
Outside, in the street…
Asami: Come and get it!  -drunk giggles-
Bolin: -Stomps and creates a wall in front of where Asami is running- I'm sorry Babe, but I can't let you take that. That would be stealing.
Asami: But I want it... –says with a sad face and flips on top on wall and waves around scarf-
Bolin: That doesn't mean you can keep it. -Earthbends, launching himself and landing in front of Asami putting his face close to hers- I'd like it back.
Asami: -hops off the wall and runs towards her motorcycle-
Bolin: Hey! Get back here! –looks at the motorcycle- I see you recovered your motorcycle -Jumps off of the height and slams the ground, flipping her motorcycle and sending it flying-
Bolin: -Walks up to Asami, like swag- Sorry ma'am, but my brother needs that scarf to impress his lady friend.
Asami: But red's my color! It goes so well with my hair! –Says making a puppy dog face- please, can I keep it?
Bolin: Here, I'll cut you a deal. -slowly takes scarf while revealing his leftover shopping money- I'll take this one, mine,  and you can go and buy yourself the prettiest scarf in all of Republic City. -Winks-
Asami: -blushes- Well...okay. But on one condition. You have to come with me.
Bolin: And where is that?
Asami: To buy me a new scarf, stupid! Hehehehehe
Bolin: Hmm… alright, but only if it's quick. I know how long the ladies like to shop.
Asami: Ok cutie. Meet me tomorrow! Bye! -Stumbles in wrong direction, cries like an excited little girl around the street and falls asleep in the floor-
Bolin: Well… -grabs Asami and leaves her in the nearest bench- Time to go!


Korra Finally gets to the apartment after an hour of dragging Mako through the streets
Korra: -throws Mako on his bed and stretches out her arms- This...was exhausting.
Mako: zzzzzzzzzzzzz… heeehehehehehe… zzzzzzzzzzzzzz –laughs while sleeping-
Korra: -pretends to beat up Mako to vent her anger about carrying him so far- Oh, now it's funny! –Says whispering with anger, and relaxes-
Korra: -goes into their small kitchen and takes out a bottle of tea to give to Mako0
Korra: Mako! Wake up!
Mako: - wakes up- urg… my head... ow... I... I was just getting you a drink... why are we home?
Korra: -shoves bottle toward Mako- Drink it. You, drunk stupid.
Mako: More like...hangover -holds his head and drinks the bottle of tea-
Korra: Yeah, so this night was not like how I planned at all... First we got attacked. Then we finally get to the party, but you start acting weird.
Mako: - looking confused to Korra- weird? How so?
Korra: Well, that kind of weird when you say some pretty hurtful stuff when you're drunk.
Mako: ...Urg. - Holds his head- I' sorry for what I could have said…
Korra: Yeah whatever -starts to walk away but trips-
Mako: - swoops her onto the sofa before she falls and lands on top of her-
Korra: -is speechless, but then realizes what is going on- Get OFF me!
Mako: - leans closer, turns his head and rests it on her collar bone- Your so fast
Korra: -Korra chokes a bit on her breath- Uh....Mako...?
Mako: - He gets off her collar bone and before she could object he presses his lips against hers-
Korra: Mph!!! -Freaking out in her head-
Mako: -locks his fingers into hers and holds them above her head still kissing her-
Korra: -thinks for herself that Mako is still drunk, and somehow she realizes that she likes the moment, stops resisting, and closes her eyes-
Bolin: -Finally making it up the last flight of stairs, Bolin wipes the sweat off his forehead and walks to the apartment door and opens it- Hey guys! What's going o-
Korra: -Korra hears Bolin open the door and suddenly shoves Mako off of her-
Mako: Wow! Oh! –Falls on the floor-
Korra: BOLIN! UH, HI.
Mako: - turns to see Bolin, clears throat-
Korra: -hair is messed up and her cheeks are tinted with pink-
Bolin: Hey, is Mako alright? -Scratching the back of his head, Bolin tries to ignore what he thinks he just saw.-
Korra: -stammers- Yeah....he's fine...
Bolin: Ok, let's just let him sleep then. It's too late, you said Tenzin you would sleep here. You don't mind taking the couch do you? We don't have an extra bed. -Chuckles n embarrassment-
Korra: -secretly kicks Mako when Bolin is not looking- Yeah, it's fine, I can sleep here. But where is the bathroom? I need to change.
Bolin: Oh, it's just down there. -Points- I'll get Mako to his room
Korra: Oh, good
Bolin: -As Korra walks towards the bathroom, Bolin looks over at Mako, passed out on the couch; he smiles anxiously, wondering if he had ruined something for his brother...again. He'd find out in the morning
This fanfic was made in about 1 or 2 hours, all is improvisation, it was made in a livestream chat and we were roleplaying and having fun, I copy pasted all the chat log and this is what i got in clean XD Hope you like it.
(The preview picture is from KamisAngel)

The livestream was from KamisAngel and by now all I know about the role players is this:

Kamis Angel

Zuko Sexual


Asumi and Una:
Thestrals and Teakettles

I had a really good time and I died several times laughing XD
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Thanks for cleaning this up, oh god, we are so crazy.
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